KNOT Selection | CD-40SVBK+ST1-18BKBK นาฬิกาผ่อน 0% ราคาถูกที่สุด

฿ 8,950.00

Model no: CD-40SVBK



A new model that inherits Maker's Watch Knot's representative classic models and focuses on practicality, design, and detail!
This is the birth of a date watch with three central hands, which is simple in form and easy to read and use with the functions originally required of a wristwatch


 SUS316L / Silver Polish


 Sapphire glass


 Black coated


 Silver & Silver



 Diameter × Thickness

 40mm × 7mm





Tochigi leather Bono oil is adopted, and the strap which pulled out the fullness of full-grain which texture increases enough to wear it fully. Aging leather "raising leather" fun, realized with a wristwatch strap.

Corresponding arm size (when wearing a case diameter of 36 mm): 140 mm to 195 mm 

※ From the thinner around the wrist, you can use it widely. 


Product No.  ST1-18BKBK


 Tochigi Leather











The design is a tapered shape of the square with the waist belt as a motif, the stitching has been minimized to a minimalist finish. It is designed + 10 mm longer than other series according to the thick male around the arm. It is a classical and universal design that anyone can use.


"Leather" of overwhelming quality, "skill" of the domestic leading leathercraft workshop. Enjoy the charm of genuine MADE IN JAPAN with "Easy Lever" with various color variations.

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